Paragraph | The Natural Beauties Of Bangladesh

Paragraph | The Natural Beauties Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is full of natural beauties. Those who want to find out about the infinite beauty of the universal nature, there is an invisible demand for them with its clean blue sky, beautiful rivers, flowers and leaves, shades of banyan trees and very cold rural gallery of this nation.

Bangladesh is a small South-Asian country. It’s area is 1,47570 sq. km. The North, The west and the most part of the east is surrounded by India, the southeast part of the east is attached with Myanmar and The Bay of Bengal is to the south. It is situated in the temperate zone of the world. It got its independence on 16 December, 1971. The climate of the country is hot and humid. The main occupation of the people in general, here is agriculture. There are also some other professions, such as service, teaching, technical and industrial work, etc. This country's primary attraction is its natural beauty. Cox's Bazar is the world's biggest sea-beach. There are three world heritage sites here: The Sundarbans, the Shat-gombuj mosque and the ruins of the Buddhist Bihar at Paharpur. Bangladesh is a very beautiful country despite some issues. The people of this country are very patriotic, brave and hospitable.

In Bangladesh, endless beauty flows all year round.The wealth of natural beauties has had a great effect on the peoples mind and character. I feel very proud about Bangladesh.

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